A Luxury Retreat Journey in Abiquiu, New Mexico

The Artful Life

September 20 - 25, 2020

“The Artful Life” – a way of living that encourages creativity and imagination, mindfulness and gratitude, clarity and energy - and ditching comfort zones for personal growth.  And, artistic skill is not required. It's about living, and we invite you to join us.

Ready to converge with your like-minded tribe to discover the arts, the land and the spiritual area of Abiquiu, New Mexico?  All while having fun?  The Artful Life is an experience.  If you are ready to:

  • Generate inspiration and motivation

  • Recharge and renew

  • Bolster creativity and imagination

  • Feel clarity and energy

  • Connect with mindfulness and gratitude

  • Ditch comfort zones for personal growth

Then join us for a five-day adventure that will leave you feeling inspired, motivated, recharged, aligned, purposeful and ready to take the steps to live a more artful life. 

We will have studio time with renowned artists Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton where we will create, mold and paint, inspired from the local landscape and vistas. We will take field trips around Abiquiu to discover and explore and will see first-hand why Georgia O'Keeffe made Abiquiu her beloved home.  We will experience the history and culture of this amazing land. We will take a horno cooking class, hike and wander, take in stars and galaxies, and enjoy an authentic cowboy cookout.  We will experience movement and connection. You will document your experiences through personal journaling. And, we will be staying in a stunning luxury location, perched above Abiquiu Lake with spectacular views.

Get ready for a retreat of a life-time and to create memories that you will treasure forever. Everyone, all skill levels, are welcome.

Imagine a retreat in the most beautiful setting in northern New Mexico, where the lake, river, mountain, desert and forests are your inspiring playground for creative exploration.  A luxury retreat in the Land of Enchantment, for rejuvenation and inspiration!

Under the creative leadership of renowned artists Debra Fritts and Frank Shelton, you will connect the land, spirit and creative energy in a way you would not have thought possible.  Using clay, journaling, mixed media, meditation and outdoor exploration, together we will absorb the energy of this magical land, expand our thinking and perception, and connect the beauty of land, culture and art.


Your accommodations will be in luxury homes or rooms above Abiquiu Lake with hosts Carolyn and Tom Calfee, owners of Abiquiu Lake Vacations.  Your studio time will take place in Studio One Thirty Nine, on the Rio Chama, with Debra and Frank. And, your inspiration will be O'Keeffe, Ancient Puebloans, million-year-old red rocks and mountains, Abiquiu Lake and the Rio Chama.  History, culture, art and natural beauty - the perfect recipe for The Artful Life.


This land is both spiritual and magical, and is the perfect playground for like-minded people to take a journey on a soulful adventure that connects the land and spirit and art.  The spectacular setting, coupled with talented leaders, leads to personal transformation. You do not have to be an artist to take this journey!

The Artful Life: Create. Discover. Connect. Play.