Retreats, Events & Groups

Retreat and recharge with plenty of space and style in Abiquiú

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Retreats and Events:

The Artful Life Retreat: April 2020 and September 2020.  Join hosts Debra Fritts, Frank Shelton, Carolyn Calfee and Tom Calfee as you journey and build your Artful Life.

To host a retreat or workshop at our properties, please contact Carolyn.


If you have a large group and would like to reserve some or all properties for your private use, please email us directly. Enjoy 40 acres across the properties for your family reunion, business meeting or workshop.


Our homes are all located in the same general area and can comfortably accommodate large groups (up to 18) across the properties. Please plan ahead and reserve in advance to ensure all homes are available at the same time for your dates.  

Sorry, we cannot host weddings on site, but we offer the best lodging choice for newlyweds!

stay. recharge. explore. Discover Abiquiú.