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What is a VRBO, anyway?  VRBO stands for Vacation Rental by Owner.  It is a way for you to rent an entire house, rather than just a room in a hotel.  Often, a VRBO rental is cheaper than a hotel room, especially if you need two rooms.  

Not all VRBO's are created equal. Check to make sure the home you are renting is, in fact, a single home that you will occupy by yourself. Also, check to make sure your VRBO New Mexico home isn't attached to the owner's home if you want privacy. Make sure the owners live nearby in case you need anything. You rent a VRBO Abiquiú home because you want privacy, but you also want assistance if needed.

The Casita del Lago Abiquiu VRBO provides a beautiful, two-bedroom two-bath private home. Abiquiú Lake Mesa Abiquiu VRBO is a luxury one bedroom one bath private home with two additional rooms/baths located on the property. Luxury towels and linens are provided, and kitchen supplies are ready for you to prepare meals. Enjoy the hot tubs in total privacy.  Roast s'mores and tell ghost stories at your fire pit.


When you are ready, book your VRBO New Mexico vacation, discover Abiquiú and recharge, explore and stay in luxury.  You can book an Abiquiú Lake Vacations home or guest room directly through our website for the best price, or book through VRBO.

stay. recharge. explore. Discover Abiquiú.


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